Social justice calls for equality of opportunity for all, fair distribution of wealth and social privileges. Social justice is a fight against discrimination of any form, especially gender, race, religious views, political views and socioeconomic standing.

Success isn’t a natural state. You have to work for it and part of that effort is equipping yourself with the right skills.

Some people are immensely successful and others are constantly stuck in a rut! What sets these two types of people apart? It’s probably their mindsets.

At Third Space Global, our highly skilled 200 tutors deliver one-to-one online Maths teaching to children across 700 primary schools in the UK.

Where will you be studying at home? Ideally, you should have a well lit desk or table with minimal noise or other distractions. If you’ve got to share your study space with siblings or other relatives, agree who gets to use it when to allow all of you to work effectively. Put your books and notes away once you’re done with them so that the space remains tidy all year, not just for the first week of September!

“In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn,” says Phil Collins, giving voice to the fundamental idea of the Teaching and Learning workshops conducted by Third Space Global in April 2018.

We are extremely proud to announce that Third Space Global has been certified a Great Place to Work 2018 company.

On 31st January 2018, His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex, and Her Royal Highness, Sophie The Countess of Wessex visited Third Space Global, a British owned company which employs young Sri Lankans to deliver online one-to-one teaching to more than 6000 primary school children across the UK.

Third Space Global organized “Halloween Haunting” on 27th October to emphasize horror with bone-chilling competitions. As the tutors joined to either dress up in costumes or face paint, they attended for photobooths and cosplays for ramp shows with their music played.

To emphasize teaching around the world, Third Space Global recognizes World Teacher’s day by organizing a series of fun team building activities for our own tutors. Moreover, a token of appreciation presented to each and every tutor as gratitude for their endeavour to help learners grow.

The fast paced, constantly changing nature of modern workplaces makes it an emotionally complex environment. Information overload, along with stressful situations while dealing with different personality types can make it hard to keep your emotions under control, but proper emotional management is critical for teamwork especially in the case of managers.

A brand new year is here so it’s time to make some resolutions and stick to them too! If you need some inspiration, here’s our top five favourite career resolutions to help you start afresh and get your career moving in a better direction.

We have all gone through this phase and although it may scare you at the onset, preparation is key to breezing through them.

When you get the call/email inviting you to join for an interview, half the battle has already been won. The ball is now in your court and what you do in preparation will determine your next move.

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