Third Space Global hires tutors that are fluent in English and have a good understanding and knowledge of Primary Mathematics.

We do understand that tutoring may not be a familiar area for some.

Check out the below resources, which would help you to understand and prepare for an assessment with Third Space Global.

Effective Tutoring

Wondering what online tutoring is all about? Take our free online course which will guide you through effective tutoring strategies. You also have the opportunity to observe a real session being delivered to enhance your understanding of the work we do on a daily basis. Thinking of applying? Candidates who complete this course are more likely to ace our assessment process! Click ‘Watch & Learn’ to complete the course now.
Watch & Learn

English Resources

If you want to be part of the Global economy, then you have to speak it’s language which is English. This includes spoken, listening, reading and writing skills. We believe that with the right mindset and dedication everyone can improve and succeed. There are many ways to improve your English communication skills. You could attend courses at the British Council or SVS school for English, but there are many free alternatives that can help such as practicing English with a friend or family member or even watching English films with the subtitles turned on.

Maths Resources

Teaching Maths requires a excellent subject knowledge so that you can easily spot mistakes and potential misconceptions. We recommend using Khan Academy to brush up on your knowledge of the basics. It’s completely free with lots of diagnostic testing and how to videos which will plug those gaps in your knowledge. Why not have a go at the 5th Grade booster!

Teaching Resources

All over the world education is changing. Teaching is no longer simply standing at the front of the classroom dictating passage and writing examples on the board. Tomorrow jobs and industries require teachers to be developing critical and analytical thinking, not just acquiring knowledge, that’s what Google is for. Watch these videos to see how teachers in the UK use teaching and learning strategies to facilitate learning and discussion.

Do you want to make a difference in the world and help a child be better at Maths?

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