Teachers’ Day 2017 – Third Space Global

Teachers’ Day 2017 – Third Space Global

To emphasize teaching around the world, Third Space Global recognizes World Teacher’s day by organizing a series of fun team building activities for our own tutors. Moreover, a token of appreciation presented to each and every tutor as gratitude for their endeavour to help learners grow.

Having the need to unveil the importance of teachers for educational growth, a video was created by each of 15 teams paying respect to their teachers and sending their heartiest wishes to all teachers across the globe. These 50-second videos are posted to social media pages.

In every society, elders play an important role in assisting young learners to gain knowledge and strengthen their understanding on any subject. They tremendously contribute towards building collaborative, effective and peaceful societies around the world. Having such great responsibilities on their shoulders, they daily attempt to look for new ways to provide better teachings to the learners, ensuring that they will find the lessons useful during real-life situations in near future.

As these individuals use education as a medium to reshape the human civilizations, they should be highly appreciated for their continuous commitment. Every year, 5th October holds the “World Teacher’s Day” to spread awareness on how teachers nourish educated individuals across the globe. Declared by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), since 1994 the status of teachers from primary or secondary levels have become immensely prioritized.

“Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers” is the current theme for the teacher’s day. It clearly explains that teachers deserve professional independence and better equipment to provide well organized and adapted education, where the learner’s capabilities and expectations need to be considered.

The maths tutors at Third Space Global believe in independent learning and discovery. They explore the in-depth of the fundamentals of the respective lessons and identify ways to better teaching and learning. Hence, today Third Space Global acknowledges the outstanding commitment from the tutors who promote better learning overseas.

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