TSG – Teaching and Learning Workshop

TSG – Teaching and Learning Workshop

“In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn,” says Phil Collins, giving voice to the fundamental idea of the Teaching and Learning workshops conducted by Third Space Global in April 2018.

This initiative was catered to teachers with diverse backgrounds and differing levels of experience and expertise. These workshops were organised with the aim of providing insight to government school primary teachers on modern teaching and learning theories and enable sharing of best practices and knowledge on recent developments in teaching and learning.

Main objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To improve the knowledge, skills and the teaching mindset of government school teachers from schools around Colombo.
  2. To establish a culture of sharing of best practices amongst teachers in Colombo schools.
  3. Trial and evaluate the delivery of Teaching & Learning workshops on a smaller scale before rolling out a ‘bigger’ Summer 2018 project.


In line with the organization’s core values (Caring, Commitment, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence), Third Space Global aspires to pave roads for local teachers to best support their pupils, in order to build a better future and society. The planning and delivery of these workshops were centred around these five core values.


‘Caring’ highlights the structured guidelines produced, delivered, and translated by our in-house facilitators in order to cater to the different needs of the attendees. The workshops were directed in three different languages: English, Sinhala and Tamil, allowing all teachers to benefit from the workshop.

Commitment implies that we must work collaboratively, efficiently, intelligently and tirelessly to succeed. The commitment of a teacher does not end with only delivering knowledge but rather includes constant learning and development throughout their career. This does not occur just through reading but through making mistakes and reflecting.


With the aim of conveying fruitful workshops, teachers were required to work collaboratively and were equipped with tools to facilitate collaborative learning in their own classrooms. In light of teachers’ feedback, they were able to grasp that sharing knowledge, collaboration, and effort as a team has a greater impact on the outcome.


Integrity mainly highlights and emphasizes the trust between a teacher and pupil. This value was integrated into the workshops through the introduction of concepts such as growth mindset, the “Not Yet“ theory, endless effective praise and continuous encouragement for pupils to learn from their mistakes.


Innovation is establishing unique techniques and changing old methods for teachers to use in order to focus more towards student-centred learning and self-reflection. It also contributes towards the delivery and aim of improving the mindset of a teacher to establish a culture of sharing best practices. Teachers were astonished by how e-Learning could assist students to self-reflect and furthermore utilize innovation to understand concepts quickly and precisely.


We believe our values of Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Innovation are key to Excellence, which is our last value at Third Space global. Excellence is demonstrated in all the areas of this workshop, starting with organizing the workshop to following up with teachers post-workshop.


The results analysed post workshop received significant good reviews from the teachers who participated in all three days. Some of the comments were on the techniques that were shared, the effectiveness of the programme, awareness provided and in general the opportunity that was provided.  


In addition to this, we asked teachers for feedback on what they would like us to improve in future workshops. The feedback specified areas such as to include more technological sections, advice on technical tips, increasing the number of topics and to conduct similar workshops frequently.  Valuing the thoughts and the opinions of the teachers, we are actioning on this useful feedback in order to make our future workshops successful.


We are excited for future collaboration with government school teachers not only from Colombo but across the island. As quoted by Michael Jordan,


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

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